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The Off-Season: 

We are at that time of the season again, where all our competitive games are done and organised practices are no longer running. We're taking a break from the basketball side of things and focusing on our studies, work or social lives again, which is absolutely great.

Keep things in perspective though, after a couple of weeks off from basketball, you've now got to start thinking about how you feel your season went. Did you achieve your goals as a player this season? Did you contribute to your teams success? What are your plans for next season? What are you doing to make those plans become a reality? The off-season is important because it is where players are made. Players who really want to be successful are working on becoming better now, when nobody is watching.

Make sure you don't let this off-season go to waste. Talk to your coach or another coach in the club. Ask them for their opinions and ideas on how you can improve. 

"Ask for help and you shall receive it.."